About Us

The main objectives of this lab are to support the School for achieving its goal: developing the student’s competence to become a Finance Professional in the future. Developing the ability make sound financial decisions in complex environments and managing, uncertainty about the future. By providing the top-notch facility, the student will have the opportunity to get hands in experience in a real world and real-time Financial Market. In the end, this facility will reduce the gap between academic and real-world environments.

Deddy P. Koesrindartoto Ph.D., Founder CMIL

The financial market is recognized as amongst the factors that have a significant influence on the economy, either locally, nationally, regionally and worldwide. Under the fast rapid and ever-changing Financial knowledge landscape, Finance students need to be more agile and be prepared for this situation. School of Business and Management Institut Teknologi Bandung (SBM ITB) is no exception, they should prepare the students to have the ability to deal with the exponential growth complexity and exposure of the financial market.

The SBM ITB and Kresna Securities were teamed up to develop top-notch SBM ITB Kresna Financial Trading Center facility to address these issues. Founded in August 2010, it becomes one of the cornerstones of the financial education. This high-end facility enables students, faculty, and staff to have the first-hand experience of interaction with the real national and global financial market at the real time.

Since the full operation on August 2010, there were several strategical changes (known as stages) on how the facility run. The first was stage is called as version 1.0. This stage was marked by the objectives mainly for supporting the teaching lab activities. It transformed how we execute the capital market course. Migrated from using simulation-based becoming, using the real account.

                          Transformation of CMIL

The second transformation happened in 2014, with the Dean’s decree, the Kresna SBM ITB Financial Trading Center facility becoming the Kresna SBM ITB Capital Market and Investment Laboratory (CMIL). This marked for the version 2.0 of the strategic development. The facility has the more challenging tasks, not only to support teaching activities but also developing and executing research agenda in Capital market. Many achievements in the area of research have been accomplished shown through this website.

To keep the dynamics alive in the lab, the transformation version 3,0 has been launched in 2018. Without ignoring the continuous achievement on the previous objectives (i.e teaching and research) the version 3.0 stage has set activities that has three main purposes: First, activities that serve the betterment of academic and research for the wider stakeholders. Second, activities that connecting the ecosystems in financial education Third, activities that solve the problems of the stakeholders.


Deddy P. Koesrindartoto PhD
Head of Capital Market and Investment Laboratory.
School of Business and Management
Institut Teknologi Bandung